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Why Do Foreigners Love The Philippines?

Published on November 15, 2017 by Raf Sobrepeña

Majority of the foreigners I’ve met are mostly travelers, tourists, and retirees in different parts of the Philippines. Some were just spending 2 weeks, a month, some for 6 months, and some looking to settle down. They come from different places all over the world, and I find it very astonishing how they can appreciate our country more than we Filipinos do. All of them have varied reasons why they visited, why they will visit again, or why they won’t ever leave the Philippines. And throughout my 4 years of traveling around Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, I’ve noticed that all have a common denominator.

So, here are 5 reasons why foreigners love the Philippines:

1. Downright cheap, affordable cost of living

Why Foreigners Love The Philippines

It is amusing to see how foreigners react to how much the bill would cost after a hefty dinner or a night out of drinking or even when paying for a cab to their already relatively cheap hotel. They just can’t believe how much money they have when they convert it to Philippine peso. Their dollar or euro or pound is stretched to amounts they never thought could happen. And once food, drinks, transportation, and accommodation become easily accessible, this enables them to travel more, see more, and enjoy themselves more.

The limitations are endless once tourists realize they could live or experience a very comfortable life at a low cost especially compared to their country’s standard.

2. The Warm Climate

Why Foreigners Love The Philippines

I have often hear about many Europeans enjoying the sun more than anything else when they visit the Philippines. From where they’re from, having warm weather is a gift and an occasion for social gathering. Being a tropical country where the weather is either hot or raining, the Philippines is very conducive for outdoor activities and getting a nice tan.

Many tourists I’ve met actually are surprised that many Filipinos wish for snow. Filipinos tend to prefer traveling to cold-weather countries than warm ones. They tell me that it isn’t as fun as we think it is, and they describe how difficult and lonely it can be. Maybe they’re right. I think we Filipinos just like the idea of it because being in a tropical country, all we ever really have here are sunlight and rain.

3. The Warm People

Why Foreigners Love The Philippines

Filipinos are very hospitable. It may not seem like it in the news with how international media might portray us, but we enjoy having people over. This is even magnified when Filipinos are hosting or accommodating foreigners. We are always so eager to share what we have and are willing to go the extra mile to make sure visitors feel welcomed. It is embedded in our culture to be this way especially to people different from us. We find joy in taking care of other people.

Also, Filipinos find joy in the simplest of things and would always find a reason to smile. Despite hardships, poverty, and natural calamities that come our way, it is normal for us to always be thankful for what we have.

Plus we love to sing, and music connects everyone and anyone. Karaoke is our favorite past time!

4. Its Countless Beaches

Why Foreigners Love The Philippines

The Philippines is an archipelago that now was 7,641 islands. Each island has beaches, coves, or sand bars unique to the area. From touristy and highly developed places like Boracay or Palawan to those untouched and bare places like Kalanggaman, Sorsogon or Bantayan, the Philippines’ beaches are among the best in the world.

Whether it’s cliff diving, snorkeling, scuba diving, kite boarding, surfing, skim boarding, you name it, the Philippines has it. Plus, you’re doing this in a place where the waters are pristine and clear blue with milky white sand. What more can one ask for? It just adds to the overall appeal and picturesque sights our country’s beaches can offer.

5. That there is so much more to discover

Why Do Foreigners Love The Philippines

Majority of the tourists I’ve met are very transient, love to explore, and have that urge to get lost. They get excited when they get to see the Philippines beyond its beaches and busy roads. From jumping from the top of our waterfalls, snorkelling with thousands of sardines, diving in a natural made cave pools, hiking up an active volcano’s crater, to swimming with the whale sharks, thrill seekers and adventurers have so many things to look forward to. The one thing I’ve learned from tourists who have become my friends is that the Philippines is a natural gem, and it doesn’t take much to fall in love with it.

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